Best Mail Order Wives: Where to Get Them and How Much Do They Cost? 

Many men struggle with finding a partner who’d be close to their image of the ideal woman. Everyone wants to get a smart, enchanting, and positive girl to date and get married to, but only a few know where to meet them and how to make them stay in your life. In this post, all the secrets of meeting the best mail order brides are revealed for you. Hurry up to find your love online and see her in a white Beloved Brides dress near the altar!

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Where to meet the best mail order wives? 

Nowadays, you can meet women for marriage in several places ranging from the bar on the neighboring street in your city to online dating apps. Let’s take a look at all the options: 

  • Your working place. Believe it or not, if you’re working for a large company in a big city, it has numerous single women working there as well. They come from all walks of life, so meeting a girlfriend with a foreign background wouldn’t be an issue. However, you have to keep in mind your company policies regarding dating among colleagues: some of them restrict that; 
  • Crowded spots in the area you live in. Being an inhabitant of a metropolis, you can expect to find a wife wherever you go, especially in malls, popular cafes, nightclubs, bars, etc. You can even try out getting acquainted with women in art and touristic locations: thus, the chances that you meet a foreign bride, not a local one, will increase a lot; 
  • Foreign countries. In case you know what exact background your mail order bride should have, travel to that country for dating. Although it can be time-consuming, expensive, and complicated to plan, traveling to another country to meet women offers a large pool of potential singles at your disposal; 
  • Social media sites. Can’t live without Instagram and Facebook? Make the time on the web meaningful and start searching for a european bride there. You can search for specific groups dedicated to meeting girls and getting married. However, you should be aware that there may be a lot of scammers since conventional social media don’t moderate their users’ profiles; 
  • Specific online dating apps and agencies. Finally, the last option to try when searching for mail order brides is dating websites: they were launched to help people from all over the world get acquainted and stay in touch with each other. Choosing a country-specific dating app or website will provide you with access to thousands of young women looking for foreign husbands. 

Why should you try to find a wife online? 

The advantages of using online dating websites are substantial: 

Best Mail Order Wives: Where to Get Them and How Much Do They Cost? 
  • It gives a lot of opportunities. Unlike the social media sites oriented toward helping you stay connected to people you already know, online dating platforms assist you in meeting new people. The audience of these apps consists of active single girls who joined these platforms to find a boyfriend or husband. Thus, you’re not likely to get rejected by them; 
  • It’s cheap. Although you need to pay for communication services to use the possibilities of a dating site to the fullest, it will not leave you bankrupt. In comparison to conventional dating, it turns out to be much more beneficial: there’s no need to pay for movie tickets, dinners, etc. Making gifts is completely up to you;
  • It’s convenient. The majority of dating sites are available for use on the go as well as on the desktop. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you are: at home, driving to your office, on vacation, at the mall, etc. – you can communicate with the best mail order brides everywhere; 
  • It’s exciting. What can be more interesting than meeting beautiful women and getting to know them closer? Online dating platforms offer a wide variety of features to make your experience close to real-life dating: voice and video calls, virtual gifts, GIFs and smileys in messages, sending and receiving photos, etc. 

How much does a mail order bride cost

Now that you know where to find a wife online, take a look at the costs you’re going to face if you proceed to dating and getting married to them. Although many of these expenses depend on the country where you’re about to celebrate your wedding and live, the general prices are provided below: 

  • Online communication. The prices of dating apps’ memberships vary but you can expect to pay around $30 per month on the full-featured plan with all top services included;
  • Traveling to the foreign brides’ countries. This is one of the costly things in dating mail order girls. It consists of airplane tickets from the US to their country and back, hotel booking, and food. The round trip to Latin America will cost around $600, Eastern Europe – $900, and Asian countries (for Asian brides) – up to $1500. As for the hotel prices, they differ from country to country and depend on a level of comfort you want to live in. On average, you can spend around $100 dollars on a decent 3* hotel room, and up to $200-300 for a more fancy hotel stay per night. Food is one of the cheapest expenditures since in the majority of mail order bride destinations you can spend just a couple of dollars per meal; 
  • Dating in their country. If you’re dating a woman coming from a patriarchal culture, be ready to pay for dinners, flowers, gifts, and other things to demonstrate your affection. A dinner at a fine restaurant can cost up to $50, or even a few hundred if you visit a top place in the capital city of any country. 
  • Organizing a wedding celebration. The cost of a wedding in the US is about $34,000 including venue, food, dresses, etc. To spend your money wisely and see your mail order bride looking fabulous, consider ordering the Beloved Brides dress. These fantastic designer gowns are available for purchase worldwide: regardless of your mail order bride country of residence, the dress will be shipped safely in just a few days!
  • Bringing your foreign wife to the United States. The last expenditures to face are the visa costs and an airplane ticket to the US for your mail order wife. The K-1 visa application will cost $800, and the price of a plane ticket can range from $200 to $900 depending on the country of departure. Also, be ready to have enough money in your bank account to demonstrate your ability to support your foreign wife until she gets a job in the US.