You now know when to start looking, now you need to know how to prepare for bridal gown shopping!

In the last post we told you how great it is to research before shopping, so you know what you are looking for and what you might like. We also advised you to have a gown budget in mind before you start shopping, so you’re not going way over what you’re comfortable spending. (See last post)


Do – Keep an open mind about what you are willing to try on, you might be surprised!

Don’t – Try on gowns you know you will hate or you won’t be wearing on your big day. It’s best to keep focused on the gowns your might love, and spending your appointment time on finding that perfect dress.

Do – Tell your stylist your budget and make sure you’re sticking to it.

Don’t – Try on gowns that are way over budget. Falling in love with a gown you can’t get is heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Do – Come to your appointment looking refreshed and feeling beautiful with minimal makeup

Don’t – Come with layers of makeup that could ruin a gown and become a distraction

Do – Bring one or two people as your entourage. People that you really trust and want their opinions. Keeping the entourage small is best.

Don’t – Bring a huge group that will only stress you out and make the process more overwhelming. It’s your day, and only your opinion matters in the end. Having too many opinions coming at you is not very helpful when deciding. Leave the stress behind.

Do – Keep your venue in mind when looking for your gown. This might help you pick out styles and shapes that will look best on you and in your venue

Don’t – Let the venue determine the style or look of your gown in the end. You’re the bride and you can wear what ever style gown you are loving. Let the venue inspire you, not pick the gown for you.


Do – Let yourself enjoy the experience, you will know when your search is over and you’ve found your perfect dress. You may not need to have the ‘this is the one’ moment, you could just love the way you feel and look in a gown, and that’s the one.

Don’t – Feel like you have to cry or be overly emotional. If you don’t normally cry, then you probably won’t when you find your dress. Tv is not real life. So don’t be afraid to say YES!

Do – Go into your bridal appointment ready to buy if you find your dream dress. It’s never too early to say yes.

Don’t – Feel like you have to try on 20 or more gowns before you can say yes. It could be the first gown you try on or the fifth, just remember it can get confusing to try on too many. Trying on is exhausting, and you don’t want to buy a gown when you’re overwhelmed.

There is so much more we could share with you! Check in later for more dos and don’ts.