Your Bridal Experience

What to expect

  • Each appointment is an hour, allowing each of our brides to relax and enjoy the whole experience!

  • You will be working one-on-one with our fabulous stylists, as they find out what you are looking for and pull gowns you’ll love.

  • Your stylist will help you in and out of each gown, allowing your family to sit back and relax.

  • Don’t be afraid to say YES if you find a gown you love, even if it’s your first store or first gown. Let yourself have your bridal moment and enjoy it!

  • Make sure to invite the people that you need with you in order to say ‘Yes’.

PARKING: Some days are crazy busy in our lot, so please don’t be afraid to use the parking lot in front of Dunkin Donuts as well as our lot.


How should I prepare for my appointment?

  • Take some time to look through Pinterest and designer websites so you have a general idea of what you prefer in a wedding dress. Follow the link below to see our inventory on Pinterest!

  • Having an idea of styles and silhouettes will help us get started in the selection process and make recommendations on dresses that you’ll love.

  • Bring or wear undergarments in a similar style to what you will wear on your wedding day, including strapless bras and nude underwear!