• Items must be new and clean (Please bring receipt, if possible)
  • Items are no older than 2 years
  • No rips, pulls, tears or stains
  • Must reflect current styles/trends

Note: If you are unsure if your gown will be accepted, you may email us with pictures of your gown and we can let you know at that time if you should bring in your items for us to look at.  [email protected]

Consignment Process:

Beloved Brides determines the selling price of the items based on condition, brand, style, and current retail value.

If we are able to take your items, we will have you sign a consignment contract. Contracts are 180 days or 6 months with the option to pick up at the end of the contract. When/if your item sells, it is a 50/50 split between the consignee and Beloved Brides LTD.  Checks are mailed at the beginning of each month (between the 1st – 15th) for the previous month’s sales. We do not call if items have sold, but you are welcome to call to check in on your items at any time.

Important Contract Info:

Reminder: Please call 7 days prior to your contract ending date. When your contract ends, you will have 3 days to contact us and let us know if you will be picking it up or donating your items. After 3 days there is a storage fee of $5 per day for 10 days. Storage fees are paid at time of pick up by the consignee. After ten days items will become Beloved Brides property to donate. Unfortunately we have too many consignors to be able to call each one at the end of their contracts. Please note the ending date of your contract and put it on your calendar to call.

Consignment pick-up & drop-off Hours: Mondays 10am – 6pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays 12pm – 7pm