Brooke & Dennis ~ A European Engagement

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From mutual interests to a cinematic proposal all the way to intimate garden nuptials, this couple’s journey is definitely worth sharing.


In Brooke’s words: “Chipotle with some mutual friends.  I was instantly impressed by his wittiness and ability to strike up conversations with everyone we were with. He also told a fantastic penguin joke!  The more we talked the more we realized how much we had in common. Our first date consisted of yoga, rock climbing and Guardians of the Galaxy.”


“We were vacationing throughout Europe. We had planned to spend most of our time in Paris and London, although he was really adamant about staying a few nights in Brugge, Belgium as well.  When we got there he had dinner reservations at a really nice restaurant. We got dressed up and ate steak and escargot by the river. After dinner he suggested we take a walk. I was very full and almost didn’t want to but he insisted since it was such a nice evening. We walked down the cobblestone streets through the medieval town into a park. The sun was just starting to go down as we walked across a bridge. When we got about halfway across he suggested we stop and take a picture. He got out his Bluetooth tripod (which we had been using the whole vacation) and set up the camera. As we were posing for the picture he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Afterward a lot of tears, kisses and hugs I said yes! After the excitement  died down a bit he proudly announced that he got it all on camera! When we looked at the camera to admire the moment we realized that none of the pictures were captured :( He was so nervous before that he forgot to turn the Bluetooth remote! We took some post-engagement photos but it was a good reminder that it’s always best to savor the moment!”


The celebration took place at Avon Gardens, a five-acre romantic lush setting complete with various water features and ethereal detailing.


Brooke fondly remembers her entrance to the ceremony: “The moment when the gates opened before walking down the aisle and I saw my future hubby and all of our loved ones smiling at me with tearfilled eyes. There were way more water works than I expected but it was so amazing to share the love with everyone!”


Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, so the couple recommends flexibility throughout the planning process and to always keep in your minds the real purpose behind the whole event.


Venue - Avon Gardens
- Nameless Catering
Photographer - Carrie Hettle Photography
Cake - Taylor’s Bakery
Florist - Jockish Flowers
Makeup - Jenny Riley Makeup Artist
Hair - Jaymi Anderson at Hello Hair Studios
Decor - Ace Party Rental
Dress - Beloved Brides