Taylor & Colin ~ A Happy Holiday


The two became engaged on Christmas Eve in the exact same spot in their church where their relationship had begun three years prior.


“Even though we went to school together all throughout junior high and high school, our story really began in college over Christmas break in 2014 at church. The two of us ran into each other at the cafe there and hadn't seen each other since high school. We were shocked to see each other there (and I couldn't get over the fact that Colin had a beard and had grown a foot since the last time I'd seen him)- Something we still tease each other about to this day.  We became close friends immediately after running into each other, began going on dates whenever I would travel home from school in Illinois, and sooner or later, we were inseparable!”


“I am a worship leader at a church in Indiana, so on Christmas Eve, I normally sing at 6 consecutive services, the last one ending at midnight on Christmas morning. After the last service in 2017, I was leaving the church exhausted after a long day of singing, and as I walked through the atrium to get to my car, Colin was standing there by the fireplace (feet away from where we initially ran into each other at) stood Colin with all of our closest friends + family members. He got down on one knee and the entire place applauded- our family, friends, plus all of the hundreds of people still lingering after service got out. It was such a special night to remember and we got to spend the entire Christmas Day celebrating our engagement as well.”


The wedding took place at a beautiful, rustic venue called Coppes Commons in Nappanee, Indiana on December 8, 2018.


“Oh my! So many favorites, but this takes the cake. Colin + I chose to write personal vows for one another and do a "first look" before our ceremony where it was only us saying our vows out loud to one another. When I look back at that day, that sacred moment between us set the tone for how everything else went. It helped us focus on what that day was truly about- our love for another. “


“Allow yourself to soak up even the tiniest of moments, because everyone was right- the day goes by in the blink of an eye. Be present the day of your wedding. Take time to appreciate the getting ready process, the conversations you have with your parents and bridal party, the pictures, everything! Cherish it and allow yourself to be present.”


Venue: Coppes Commons
LB Floristry
DJ: 27 Entertainment
Caterer: Nelson's Catering, American Espresso Catering, Goodies Galour
Photographer: Rick Goltowski Photography
Dress: Beloved Brides

wedding9 - Taylor Henderson.jpg