As women planning a wedding, there are a lot of decision that have to be made. For some of us it can more difficult to make decisions than for others. Making basic decisions can sometimes be just as hard as making more complicated decisions, and it all starts from a very young age and never really ends.

It could be basic decisions in early childhood when we started dressing ourselves. Half the time we didn’t know if we wanted to be a princess or a cowgirl for the day so we began our mix-matched toddler styles. You can now find Facebook videos and meme’s about how we as women have trouble making basic decisions like, when we cannot tell a man where we want to eat: “What do you want”, “it’s not that simple” (The Notebook).


Planning for your wedding can seem very stressful, because there are a lot of decisions to be made. This is especially true if you’re kind of picky, but still love pleasing everyone (guilty party here). For your wedding, you will have to make many decisions but fear not, for you have already made the biggest decision yet. To marry your best friend! You my friend, are a good decision maker. So here is some advice we can give you in the many stages of wedding planning… trust your instincts!


The biggest key to remember is that this is you and your hubby-to-be’s big day. We know you love them, but it’s not your momma’s, not your sisters, and not your sorority sister’s wedding day. Their opinions matter, but yours does too! And at the end of the day you’ll be married to your best friend and the rest of the people that are a part of the day will support you no matter what you choose to wear or do at your wedding.

So go ahead and get the gown you love, even if it’s not everyone’s favorite (your new man will love you in anything you wear!). Order that side of baked beans for your wedding, choose those colors that make you smile, dance silly with your new spouse. It’s one day to celebrate the beauty of the love you share with your best friend with all those you care about. Any and all decisions you make together will be the best at the end of the day.


So have fun, relax, and enjoy making all your wedding day decisions!