As if decision making for your wedding wasn’t already taxing enough, there’s a budget that you must keep at the forefront. We can’t just spend your money aimlessly to make your special day look like a million bucks.

A must when planning your wedding budget is not only talking and planning with your fiancé, but with anyone else who may be contributing to the wedding, like your parents or family members. Knowing how much is going into the wedding and budgeting for each little detail will make life so much easier, as you plan for each part of your wedding.

Here are some easy steps we think will help in the long run, and will make the stress of planning just a little less stressful…

Stay Focused… Focus on where you would like to spend more and where to spend less, you and your fiancé should make a priority list. Each of you could make a list of your top two/three things you wouldn’t mind spending ‘more’ money, to help make your wedding look more like your dream wedding. Then decide based on those lists what will be on top of the final budgeting list.

Stay Organized… Costs add up quickly and you do not want to over spend in any areas. We suggest Excel spreadsheets. They not only help with holding data of who all is invited and their addresses, but they’re also excellent for showing how much you are spending in each area of the wedding and on each guest. Once you have everyone accounted for on your invite list and you multiply that by how much each plate/beverage costs, then your able to adjust costs where needed for other parts of the wedding.


DIY Projects… DIY stands for “Do It Yourself” and DIY projects are very popular and can be a money saver, when you decide to do parts or your wedding yourself. Caution, not all projects are cheaper to make and a lot of DIY projects take a chunk of time. So before you decide to make all your wedding décor or invites, be sure to plan out the time and the help that it takes to get them done.

When it comes to planning out your wedding, typically couples pick their date well ahead of time. Take advantage of that. If you know you’re wedding date an entire year before it comes around, you have that time to look for ways to save throughout the year. And brides please remember the top three things to put on your to-do list first… Your venue, caterer, and your gown. All of these things will either book up or need time to get. Please allow yourself 6-8 months to plan for some of these things. And if you don’t have a year to plan, look for shops like us! We are an off-the-rack bridal boutique, so there is no stressing about not having enough time to order.


Each list, each budget, and each wedding are all going to look and cost differently. So plan and budget however works best for you. Just remember to set a budget, stay focused, stay organized, and do what you can yourself (DIY), and it will all come together beautifully and with less stress.

Just a little budgeting advice from us to you … Happy wedding planning!